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Fix soft Hyper aero Form is the next generation of forms.Its design and

functionality make it useful for everyone.It works on both Xp and Win7.Using it,this feature will be added automatically: Customizable Animation Effects (On showing and closing form),Gradient Support (Multicolor Gradient Background,Gradient Editor Control,Gradient Animation),Power Functions (Shutdown,Log off,Restart,Hibernate,Lock and sleep with Timer support) ,Aero Glass Support (Extend Margins,Aero Blur,Aero Glow text,Basic Theme Support),Aero
Properties (IsWindowsAeroEnabled, AeroColor, AeroOpacity,...),Aero Events,Unlock Hidden Properties (EnableCloseButton, CaptionRenderMode, ActivateOnShow,…),Add some WPF features (DragMove, Gradient,…),Useful Functions and Properties (CreateArray, AeroSupport, IsBasicTheme, AeroOpacity, SelectControlByName, SelectControlByType (“GetAType” function),...), Enable painting on non-client area (Only in Windows Xp).

This form also presents a lot of other useful things but I can't name them all.I recommend this to all Windows Forms programmers.

Important: If you have problems with Aero Glass, just set "EnableAeroBackground" to false, Aero will be disabled.

Important: This project also contains an alpha project:

Fix soft Two Floors Rendering Technology

This project shows a great idea with only 3 problems.Let me explain the idea.We have an Aero Form named BackForm and a borderless form,named ForeForm.ForeForm's BackColor and TransparencyKey are same so ForeForm is transparent.ForeForm's location and size are gotten from BackForm's properties.Now,Why are we doing this? Because this solve two of our biggest problems:

1. Aero Support Controls

2. Use non-client area of form in both xp and Windows 7.

How does this work? Foreform is not an Aero Form so controls in it have no problem. BackForm is an Aero Glass Form.So if we put ForeForm (its backcolor is transparent and it has no borders) in front of BackForm,They look like ONE Aero Form!Of course,making that possible was very hard. The focus will change from BackForm to ForeForm when we use controls of ForeForm and this show our trick. But Fix soft solve all problems except these three:

1. Transparency of ForeForm has some problems.Just download the project and you'll find it out.This is Windows's problem, We can't do anything for this.

2. Thumbnail problem.It doesn't show controls of ForeForm because they are on ForeForm,Not BackForm.

3. Syncing properties between BackForm and ForeForm.

With all these problems,I beilve, even this alpha version can solve a lot of problems and is amazing. For example,You want to put another button near "Minimize" button in top right corner.Fix soft Two Floors Rendering Technology is the easiest way.

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